There’s no other way to describe how I’m feeling right now, an hours walk and here I am sat on top of Fontmell Down looking over the stunning views of the Blackmore Vale. Ahhhh total bliss! 

The farther dark hill you can see in the picture (centre right) the Duncliffe Hill which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.  The village on the far left in Fontmell Magna. 

The sun is trying to burn through the hazy sky and it’s warm with a gentle breeze. 

I’m so lucky to have a couple of hours to spend here. It’s just beautiful. There are no cars or people to be seen just the call of a buzzard, some buzzy insect sounds and the whirring of a small plane in the distance. 

There’s nothing else to say so I am going to sign off..munch on some bourbon biscuits and laze around with a huge feeling or contentment and smugness 🙂 

Oh nearly forgot..look at this awesome Beech tree with some silvery fungi growing off it..the fairies must live there! 

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Topping up my soul with the love of nature 

I have had no car now for a few weeks and whilst at times it can be infuriating that I can’t just nip out at the drop of a hat, most of the time it feels deeply satisfying that one, I’m slightly saving the planet and two, I find myself seeing and doing things I wouldn’t normally give myself time to do.

My toddler, Ethan, goes to pre school in a village which is a couple of miles away. We walk there..well, I walk and ethan goes in a buggy which he doesn’t nornally do but the journey is too long for his little legs even though he’s generally a good walker. I then have 3 hours to pass. I’ve often just run home but it’s hard going as it’s over 10 miles by the time I’ve done the return journey.
I have sat in the local pub garden before with a book but today I decided to walk off and find a tree to sit under and eat my sandwiches and to write.

I followed a footpath, walked across a couple fields and there it was..a small gathering a trees and a beautiful old Ash tree calling me to sit under its vast branches and protect me from the autumnal elements. Strange how it’s almost as I had envisaged even though I have ever never been here before!

I’ve been sat here for about an hour .. just listening to the sounds, absorbing the environment. It’s actually quite noisy although incredibly peaceful. I can hear traffic in the distance..i can almost hear the speed of their lives while time here, under this tree, is meandering slowly like a summers river with no urgency to reach the sea.

There are sheep not far from me who are staring at me probably wondering what the hell I’m doing. I guess not many humans just come and sit here alone. Funny inquisitive creatures they are!

So many bird sounds and although my aging eyes are struggling to identify it I think there is a partridge just chilling in the grass a few feet away.

I wish I was a competent writer to be able to explain just how beautiful it is..to just stop and watch and listen. I’m surrounded by life and yet I’m the only person here.

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Natural Face Care

I have always tried to buy products that haven’t been tested on animals so as a teen and older I generally shopped in the Body Shop – it was a lot different back then, you could even take your empty pots back in for a refill at a cheaper price!

As I’ve got older and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan I have bought all my products, household and beauty, from Superdrug as all their own brand stuff is vegan (apart from a small amount that has honey in it) so obviously not tested on animals and sold at a fantastic price. 

However… I’m now at a place where i’m fed up with the whole consumerism thing and also the amount of chemicals in these products so i’m now experimenting with food and I LOVE it!

I’m going to go further into this on other blogs as I go along but to start off with here’s what I am now using on myself;

To remove makeup I use organic coconut oil which can also be used for a multitude of other things which I will cover in the future.                                                             I’ve been mixing plain soya yoghurt with oatbran and a splash of lemon and using it as a daily face mask. Once on it dries and feels amazing! Cucumber works as a fantastic tonor which I try and leave on for as long as I can (don’t forget to use it on your lips as well) before adding Aloe Vera from a plant I have at home. I split a leaf or two open and use the clear gel inside and smear over my face, neck and chest.

Simple ingredients that is are so easy to use and cheaps as well. 

More to follow…. 

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Moonlight Sonata

As i go to draw the curtains before retiring to bed
the moon, THAT moon, is so bright its intruding into my home
like the tentacles of an octopus reaching into my mind

I am hyponitised, drawn into its beauty
its aura rippling around the perfect edges
ebbing its way towards me


The moons magnetic pull draws me to stand outside
within the walls of the porch, feeling overwhelmed by its presence
aware of the vast empty space between us almost feeling scared.
My cat creeps up and sits in front of me but still within my circle of protection
There we stay for a few minutes, mesmerised.

The silence of the moon is in complete contrast to the sound of the local wildlife
so vocal
as if something is brewing in the witches cauldron
The Owls are screeching to one another like tormented souls

and yet
the moons dazzling rays are teasingly catching edges of darkness
and sprinkling sparkles of light on everything it touches

Although captivated by the ghostly beauty all around
i need to be within the comfort and security of my home.
The cat swiftly follows me in, feeling my unease.

This time i fully draw the curtains with a smile at the enchanted night
that captured my soul for a few moment

Mother Earth, I thank you


A few days later 

I’m in! Finally. As with every move you can guarantee a crisis is going to happen. My toddler has chicken pox. 

He is grumpy

And clingy

And spotty!

So I have taken a few hours away from the boxes and bin bags that have surrounded me for days and have come to Salisbury, Wiltshire for a picnic in the cathedral grounds while I wait for the teenage girls to finish shopping. The sun is shining and my son is no longer moaning and crying. If i shut my eyes in the warm sun I fear I would fall asleep. Bliss 


The last night

The last night in my home. Although it no longer looks like a home with all the soul of it packed up in boxes and bags! Although I never felt a strong bond with this house it does contain a lot of special memories within the walls. Some very happy ones and some very sad ones. But that’s life, good times and bad times. My journey. 

So I feel quite sad as I contemplate the last 3 years. The birth of my son in the front room and the sad (for me) farewell of my teenage son who left the nest to live with his dad last year. All these memories within one roof. 

I raise an imaginary glass to it, it’s been fun but I’m glad to move on. I send loving vibes to the next family to make this empty house their home. 

One months notice

We’re moving house. Again. Ugh. We have to downsize as my 13 year old son wanted to spread his independent and brave wings to move to the city and live with his dad. Although this was a soul destroyingly sad time I am very happy that it is working out for him and I love to hear about all his new friends and teachers. I am so proud of him, as I am of all my children of course. 

So we are leaving the modern 4 bed detached that my youngest son was born in and heading back out to the country and I cannot wait! My soul is literally jumping for joy at the thought of being back with nature and seeing nothing but beauty when I open the curtains instead of rows of houses. There are rolling Dorset hills out the back and fields to the front. I hope this will be my forever home. 

The only concern I have is for my daughter Libby who is 15. She is so kind and considerate that I know she wouldn’t say if she didn’t want to move there because she knows that I love it. She will be leaving the town where all her friends are, where she can just pop out and meet people. I am going to make her bedroom her haven and have said she can have lots of sleepovers. I hope she loves it like I will and I hope there will be another girl around for her, or boy. I guess time will tell. 

And now I have a few weeks to pack up our life and deal with the delightful toddler who is unpacking the boxes faster than I’m packing them! The sun has started to make an appearance which helps lift moods and at least Ethan can play outside now. I am led in bed feeding him now and wondering when the next time I blog will be, maybe when this house is all packed up and I bid it a fond farewell. I always find it sad when I say goodbye to a house (there has been a few!) because each house contains many great memories of family living and growing and changing. 

I wonder what this new house will bring…